Fire safety

Invest In your future with fire safety systems

A fire is one of the worst case scenarios for everyone, as it can easily vanish any buildings or other materialistic items of value. In most countries, following fire system standards and norms is a must. In this part, Georgia isn’t an exception either – the law obliges legal entities to strictly adhere to fire safety requirements.

NTS has been ensuring installation and monitoring of fire safety systems in accordance with international standards for years. We are the representative of such a well-known Italian manufacturer in Georgia, as is Plastica Alfa. Their innovative NOFIRE system, unlike the metal system, has many differentiating advantages. 

At the projecting stage, NTSteam takes into account the individual characteristics of the building and, based on them, selects the fire extinguishing systems necessary to fully comply with safety standards. Through Plastica Alfa's   NOFIRE system NTScan offer their customers a competitive budget and significant savings in long-term system service.

Projects are executed by highly qualified and certified specialists. The Internal Quality Control Service constantly monitors the work done in order to minimize inaccuracies caused by the human factor. The work is considered completed only after passing the multi-level testing phase.


The already established fire safety system call for periodic monitoring, maintenance and upgrades to ensure that the system works properly at required times. Often, the configuration of a building undergoes a reassignment, which naturally requires a review and upgrade of fire safety systems. NTS offers its clients long-term support to maintain a safe and sustainable environment.  

What do the Fire safety systems include?

In modern buildings, fire safety is based on several different types of systems. It is a combination of sensors, detectors, alarms, automatic sprinklers, hydrants, fire extinguishers and water plumbing. Coordinated work of the above-mentioned ensures instantaneous detection of fires, eviction of poisonous smoke and elimination of fires.

Each building is characterized by individual configurations, which in turn includes the design of individual fire extinguishing systems. NTS takes great responsibility for the designing part and always tries to achieve a high level of security as quickly as possible, alongside with keeping with a competitive budget.


With fire safety

Modern Fire Systems

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In the modern world, metal fire extinguishing systems have been actively replaced by the latest technologies. NTShas selected an experienced manufacturer (Through Plastica Alfa's) from Italy, which has been trusted in Europe for 30 years, and in 2019 began to import their products to Georgia.

Through Plastica Alfa's   NOFIRE system has many advantages over older metal systems. Metal wiring is a heavy construction, which in turn causes more human resources to be involved in the welding process. The metal undergoes corrosion, needs to be cleaned annually, and it needs to be painted after a certain period of time.

Unlike metal, Through Plastica Alfa's products are lightweight, resistant to seismic activity, do not corrode and, most importantly, are much cheaper to maintain/service.

80% lighter

Reduces installation time by 95%
Unlike metal systems

it’s resistant to seismic activities
sustainable and flexible

Does not corrode

Does not require annual maintenance
Systems don’t clog with deposits

Does not emit toxic fumes at
high temperatures

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