High quality and standard of construction

Construction has gone through many stages of development throughout its history. In modern conditions, the methods of construction are becoming more and more sophisticated, which is facilitated by the development of high-tech construction materials and auxiliary equipment manufacturing companies. Ultimately, this method for everyone serves to create a healthy environment and comfort for people.

Today, regardless of the purpose - whether it is a residential house, an industrial facility or an office, a modern building is required to be high-tech, energy efficient and comfortable.

Successful construction requires the coordinated cooperation of people of different professions, these are: architects, engineers, designers, project management team, supervisors, etc. Along the way to construction, the most important process is proper design and optimal distribution of resources, which will ultimately be reflected in the budget available to the client.

From 2019, construction has been added to NTS services!

NTS has been implementing projects of various complexity and scale in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering for many years. The experience gained in the field and the increased demand have pushed us to introduce new services and from 2019 we have started to implement construction projects. NTS, as a constructor, pays great attention to finding qualified personnel and does everything possible to ensure safety standards during the work process. When conducting a construction project, we work with companies that provide quality building materials and logistics.