Electricity and low voltage solutions

Stable electric infrastructure at your service

Today, at home or at work, there are many electronic devices around us. Each of them needs electricity, for which it is necessary to organize an efficient electronic network. When setting up a network, it is important to consider safety and load requirements. There are frequent cases when incorrectly designed electrical infrastructure no longer meets the current requirements for the operation of the building and the owner is forced to incur significant capital expenditures to upgrade the infrastructure.

NTS’s electrical engineers, certified and experienced electricians provide the arrangement of scalable electrical infrastructure that will serve you stably and safely for decades to come.

Arrangement of internal and external networks

Arranging electrical networks is one of the most responsible tasks in the electrification process. Whereas, the stability of the infrastructure depends on the quality of the cable and the capacity of the network.

Arranging a distribution board

Arranging a distribution board according to international standards is the most important job of our engineers. In addition to safety, our specialists pay great attention to the orderliness and simple layout of the components included in the board.

Interior and exterior lighting

Lighting is an integral part of our work or home environment. Arranging cost-effective and comfortable lighting requires knowledge and proper design. Our specialists will help you with quality lighting of facades and interiors.

Weak currents

In terms of arranging security systems, NTS team has many years of experience. These include:

The arrangement of the server rooms deserves a separate mention. When designing a server room, we take into account all the safety precautions recognized by international standards and will insure you against unforeseen circumstances.