Heating, cooling, ventilation

Create a safe environment with HVAC systems

Heating, cooling and ventilation systems (HVAC) are focused on creating a more comfortable and safe environment in an enclosed space. It is they who provide the necessary air and climate quality inside buildings, based on the principles of thermodynamics and heat transfer. To create a healthy environment, it is important to maintain a normal temperature and humidity inside buildings.

BMS-ით HVAC სისტემების მართვა ბევრად უფრო მარტივია და ამავდროულად მნიშვნელოვნად ამცირებს შენობის კომუნალურ ხარჯებს. HVAC სისტემები აკონტროლებენ ჰაერის გაცვლისა და შიდა ცირკულაციის პროცესს, რაც გულისხმობს ტემეპერატურის, ჟანგბადის შევსების, ტენიანობის, სუნის, კვამლის, სიცხისა და მტვრის ნაწილაკების მონიტორინგს/კონტროლს დახურულ სივრცეში.

The greatest resources in the history of mankind have been spent on heating. Once a person has acquired fire for the first time, the heating systems are constantly being improved. NTS ensures the introduction of modern energy efficient heating systems and their long-term service.
In the process of maintaining the microclimate, an important role is assigned to the efficiency of cooling systems. In modern conditions, the introduction of saving-oriented systems is becoming increasingly important. An experienced NTS team will help you select quality products and provide energy efficient infrastructure planning.

Ventilation plays a major role in creating a quality microclimate in buildings. Lack of fresh air has a big impact on staff energy, productivity and overall health. In the modern world, many people suffer from "sick building syndrome", which is caused by poor quality air and lighting in the building.


Advantages of raised flooring

In order to increase energy efficiency and easily arrange the infrastructure, electrical wiring and other communications are often placed under a raised floor.

With this method we can creatively hide mechanical and electrical wiring under the floor. Raised floors require a small flow of air, which saves us money.