Building Automation

Deos is a German company that has been manufacturing and developing building automation and energy management systems for more than 50 years.

DEOS quality and innovative products are used in combination with systems such as: heating, cooling, air conditioning and lighting. It increases the efficiency of systems, significantly reduces costs and energy consumption.

100% Made in Germany

Fire systems

Italian Plastics Alpha, has been producing high quality plastic products for international markets for 30 years. Their NOFIRE system is an innovation in fire safety.

Easy to install, 80% lightweight and anti-corrosion - this is a short outtake from a list of the many advantages that characterize the Plastica Alfa Fireproof system – in comparison to the outdated metal system.


Fire Detection

Fuel Mobile Station

The Polish SWIMER mobile fuel station is the best solutions for those who constantly need to have a large amount of fuel at one point and at the same time, need fuel management and distribution, accounting for the issued amounts and permanent possession of information of the remaining levels.

The two-layer plastic tank, with different volumes and configurations, easily fits your needs and simultaneously solves several potential problems in terms of fuel distribution and accounting.


Arranging communication infrastructure with quality products in buildings or offices is important and necessary. Therefore, NTS always chooses European partners in this direction.

In terms of network and electronic connections, we prefer the products of the Austrian Triotronik. Which offers a wide range of products in the field of cable/wireless network and optical fiber connection.

Triotronik's brand is represented by several international manufacturers, namely:

UbiquitiMikroTikPLANETAvigilonHikvisionZTE  WirewinSlim  Lightwin  Airwin 


NTS offers a variety of lighting systems: indoor and outdoor lighting, linear and industrial lighting. Special lights (museum exhibits) for evacuation and emergency lighting from Polish Intellight and Turkish ARLIGHT.

Raised floor

NTS offers FORMFLOOR raised flooring, which is characterized by high flexibility. As a result of choosing a raised floor, you will gain more space in the interior, which will bring additional benefits in terms of office design and layout. In addition, the raised floor is characterized by the following advantages: