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About Us

Ltd. “NTS” was founded in 2011. It has been operating for 7 years already for the Georgian market and has a positive image due to its quality and operational service. The fact that in 2016, our company was nominated by the National Statistics Office of Georgia, was nominated for the nomination of the plant leader and was awarded with a special diploma of the winner of LLC “NBR”.

The success of our company’s success with the right management can be highly qualified and courageous team, which is composed of both Georgian and foreign, experienced and young professionals. To be sure, we should note that the participation of our team members is implemented such projects as electrification of the presidential residence of “Tbilisi moll” and “istinte”. Also in our team is a company representative like “KNX”.

Our company services include work in electric power and weak denomination, such as:

Ensuring internal and external electricity;
Programming of the Complete BMS (Building Management System);
Designing and programming in DALI Protocol and DMX Protocol for lighting systems;
Clever home design and installation of KNX program;
Design and installation of green energy;
Projecting and installation of weaker power plants