Our Services


  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation
  • Warm and cold water control
  • Full power management
  • Management and Reports of Meters

Security Systems

  • Fire detection
  • Video control systems
  • Access control
  • Anti breaking systems

Suppression systems

  • Fire extinguishing with FM – 200
  • Fire extinguishing with Novec 1230
  • Fire extinguishing of el. shields
  • Kitchen fire extinguishing


  • Electrical wiring
  • Assembling electric shields
  • Assembling lightning rod and earthing
  • Solar and wind power

Lighting systems

  • Internal and outdoor lighting
  • Facade lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Evacuation lights

Raised Flooring

  • Anti static cover
  • Acoustic cover
  • Grilles
  • With soft cover


  • Assembling wired and wireless networks
  • Installation of telephone station
  • Network equipments
  • Full software support

Audio systems

  • Evacuation sound
  • Background music
  • Projection systems
  • Conference systems


  • BMS
  • Low voltage
  • Fire extinguishing
  • Lighting

Live projects

  • Tbilisi Gardens

    Place: City Tbilisi Name: Residential complex Tbilisi Gardens Year: 2018 Works done: BMS

  • Chiatura rope

    Place: City Chiatura Name: Chiatura rope Year: 2018 Works done: Low voltage Electricity

  • Vani Archaeological Museum

    Village: Vani Name: Vani Archaeological Museum Year: 2018 Works done: Low voltage Cooling, Heating, conditioning, ventilation BMS

  • Leo Pilpal Cultural center

    Village: Mestia Name: Leo Pilpal Cultural center Year: 2018 Works done: Low voltage Cooling, Heating, conditioning, ventilation BMS

Our last projects

  • Akhasheni Wine Resort

    Village: Akhasheni Name: Hotel „Akhasheni Wine Resort “ Year: 2018 Works done: Intranet TV

  • BP – Residential Complex

    Village: Gachiani Name:  BP – Residential Complex Year: 2016 Works done: Fire detection Intranet Security systems IP telephone TV

  • Aleksandr Aladashvili Clinic

    City: Tbilisi Name: Aleksandr Aladashvili Clinic Year: 2011 – 2012 Work done: Fire detection Patient call system Row management system Intranet Access control Security systems TV

  • Airport administrative building

    City: Tbilisi Name: Tbilisi Airport administrative building Year: 2018 Works done: Automatic power switching Generator programming

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